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Going out of town?

Let us take care of your furry ones while you're gone!

We offer boarding for both dogs and cats. 


Under 50 lbs. $15.00/night

Over 50 lbs. $18.00/night

Plus FREE bath, nail trim, & ear cleaning the day they go home!


2 Level Condo $10.00/night

2 Level Condo (Extra Room) $12.50/night

4 Level Condo $13.50/night

Deluxe Corner Unit $15.00/night

Dr. Kimberly A. Hambrick
Hambrick Animal Clinic
301 Wilson Avenue
Tullahoma, TN 37388
Telephone: (931) 408-0899


Try our new kitty condos! (pictured above)


We would like to welcome Mealonie "Mel" Lowry (pictured above) to Lyndsay's Groom Room. Call today to schedule an appointment for bathing, grooming, and so much more. (931)408-0899. Lyndsay's Groom Room is located inside of Hambrick Animal Clinic.


Here is Information on Flea and Tick Prevention:

With the approach of warmer weather, also comes flea and tick season. Come see us now to talk about monthly flea & tick preventatives for your pet to help control these pests before they begin causing problems for you and your pet.  

External parasites (living on the outside of the body) are not just a nuisance for your pet and your family. These pests carry disease, stimulate allergies and contribute to skin and ear infections. Pets with external parasites tend to be itchy. Some external parasites can be seen with the naked eye (e.g.: fleas, ticks), however, others require a microscope to find. Some common external parasites that infect dogs and cats include:

  • Fleas: When a single flea is found, this represents a mere 1% of the entire problem: the other 99% includes their eggs and larvae that are developing in your carpets and bedding.

  • Ticks: Ticks represent an important cause of disease transmission.

  • Cheyletiellia: A mite infection also known as walking dandruff.

  • Lice: Appearance similar to dandruff. Lice on your pets are not contagious to people and vice versa.

  • Ear mites: These microscopic mites inhabit the surface of the ear canal and surrounding facial skin.

  • Scabies (or sarcoptic mange): Highly contagious infection caused by a microscopic mite. Scabies causes intense itching and can be transmitted to people.

Fortunately, there are many topical, and now also oral, preventatives and medications available to remove and treat these parasites. 

Many external parasites can be spread among pets and infest your home. It is important to treat all of the pets in the household and the environment as well. Please follow our detailed instructions for successful therapy.

Feel free to call us with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment.  

Your friends at,

Hambrick Animal Clinic


Check out our new options for boarding your pets during the Holidays!  Cat boarding features 5-level boarding condos with prices ranging from $8.50-$18/night.  Some condos feature windows for looking outside.  Feel free to bring all their toys, beds, and anything that makes them feel at home.  

All dogs boarding with us are walked outside to stretch their legs in our back yard three times a day.  All dogs also receive complimentary bath, nail trim and ear cleaning sending your companion home feeling fresh.  Grooming services also available at Lyndsay's Groom Room located inside Hambrick's Animal Clinic. For more information, telephone 931-954-0487.

Hambrick Animal Clinic

301 Wilson Avenue Tullahoma Tn 37388

Telephone 931-954-0487



********** And ... WE ARE GROWING! **********                                                                                      

Please come by and visit us at our new location 301 Wilson Avenue, Tullahoma 931-408-0899.  

We have now opened our new clinic located at 301 Wilson Avenue Tullahoma, TN . Walk- ins welcome. Come by, and see our new facility and what we have to offer. We offer many services. If your pet is in need of any flea products, just stop in at our new location and pick some pet products up. The new location is very easy to get in and out of, so you can get back home and spend some time with your loving pet.  

If you are unable to come by the office please don’t forget about our mobile services. Mobile services provide veterinary care your animals needs in the comfort of their own home.   Here are some of the services we can provide.

  • Micro chipping                                      Rabies vaccinations

  • Annual parvo vaccine boosters          Spay and neutering

  • Heartworm testing                               Heartworm prevention products

  • Feline leukemia vaccines

  • we carry FLEA PRODUCTS

  • Bordetalla boosters (for those who wish to have their pet boarded or groomed)

  • Any emergency services

  • or any other services that may be needed to keep your pet healthy

 We also offer pet boarding (cats and any size dog). Come and see our new kitty condos! The next time you are going out of town and you do not want to leave your beloved pet behind, please bring your pet to us and we will give them their own vacation while you are taking yours.  Please call in advance for our kitty condo service by calling us at 931-408-0899.


We would also like to introduce you to our new groomer

*******LINDSAY DURM*********

Hambrick's Animal Clinic has great rates

Telephone: 931-408-0899

Thank You, Old Stone Fort Mobile Veterinary Services.     Dr. Kim

News from earlier in the year:


Old Stone Fort Mobile Veterinary Services
Kimberly A Hambrick D.V.M.
We would like to thank all our clients who came out and supported us at Pet Sense each month during our Monthly Wellness Clinics. However, we will no longer be hosting any clinics at Pet Sense located at 1802 North Jackson Street as they are bringing in another contracted company to provide these services. We are still available through our Mobile Veterinary Services offering in home care for your pets veterinary needs.  Just a reminder we do offer free shipping for any veterinary medications or supplies you may need for your pets.  Please keep in mind, we are still here for you and your pets and look forward to hearing from you.  We appreciate your business and we look forward to serving all your pets needs in the future.
Thank you, Dr. Kim
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Kimberly A. Hambrick, D.V.M.

Old Stone Fort Mobile Veterinary Services
Phone: 931-954-0487

Serving southern Middle Tennessee

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