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Testimonials From My Clients 

I appreciate the trust that you place in my ability to care for your pet. Here are several recent testimonials from my clients:


The following testimonial is from a grateful owner whose new shelter cat was picked out for her by Dr. Hambrick and transported to her home in Maine by a pet transport service. She sent the following message to Dr. Hambrick when she received her new cat, Cilantro, who is pictured above:

'Cilantro Is SUPER!! Cilantro was in the back seat in my Suburban so I could "talk" to him a bit on the ride back. Sadie, my dog, and Cilantro are getting along fine. I keep petting each one, talking to them. He's eaten; I showed him the litter box and they both took a short nap with me on my bed. It was meant to be!! Thank you so much!! I know you don't usually rescue cats or transport them up here, but Cilantro is certainly the exception. All the best, Linda'


 And here are other testimonials from my clients......

***  Thank You Dr. Kim, for helping Cookie fell so much better.She is now almost back to herself and taking my bed if I get out of it at night. So glad we have you !!  Thanks again, Cookie and Family.


***  I LOVE the services that you provide. Oh, how we miss the good ole days of Doctors making house calls. Vets making house calls, other than for large animals, never even crossed our minds!!!! Thanks for taking care of Katie for us, and then following up to see how she was doing... that was so sweet. Thanks again!!!! :)  Mrs. S.


***  The best vet around. Thank you Dr. Kim.  Ms. K.


***  This has happened to me twice in the last six months where, each time, one of my cats was losing weight while still eating normally. In both cases, "Dr. Kim" came to my home immediately, ran all the necessary tests (including blood tests run at a nationally-accredited veterinary laboratory) and was able to tell me within 36 hours of thoroughly examining the cat and drawing the cat's blood exactly what was wrong. Sophie turned out to have hyperthyroidism. Tobias turned out to have FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) and FIV (what many people call Feline AIDS). Both cats are doing very well now under regular check-ups and treatments by Dr. Hambrick (including the necessary medicines). Thank you, thank you, "Dr. Kim!" for taking such good care of my cats.  Mrs. D.


** Best veterinarian we ever had in our over 50 years of having pets! D.R. D.

Kimberly A. Hambrick, D.V.M.

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