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Personalized Service at Your Door

Veterinary house calls are NOT a thing of the past. By bringing the veterinary hospital to the pet's home, stress is reduced for both the pet and the owner. This is the ideal treatment for companion animals who may suffer stress-induced reactions from a "visit to the vet." Scheduling at-home veterinary care also reduces the owner’s stress by eliminating transportation difficulties and scheduling inconveniences. 

In the tradition of "All Creatures Great and Small," I assess and treat my patients in the comfort of their own homes. Many of my regular patients (cats and dogs) have become so used to me coming to their homes that they greet me at their front door like an old family friend—they do not “run and hide” from the vet.



Personalized Treatment for Your Pet

I try to see no more than a few clients in a day, enabling me to provide the kind of personal service that has become is the hallmark of Old Stone Fort Mobile Veterinary Services. By coming to the pet's home, I am able to assess the total environment of both the pet and its owner and develop a relationship that goes beyond the examination room. In fact, I do not have a formal examination room. Clients are able to see all of my work and, unless there are unusual circumstances, can watch treatments administered. I try to take the time to fully discuss all aspects of my patient’s medical care with the owner.



Service Area and Hours

I work every day in Coffee, Franklin, and surrounding counties in southern Middle Tennessee including the towns of Manchester, Tullahoma, Winchester, Estill Springs, Decherd, Cowan, Sewanee, Monteagle, Hillsboro, Beech Grove, Bell Buckle, Wartrace, and Morrison. Please contact me by telephone at 931-954-0487 or by using the contact form on our Contact Us page.   



My Services

I provide many of the veterinary services you would normally receive in a clinic-based veterinary practice. Some of my available services include, but are not limited to:


Annual Examinations

Behavioral Counseling

Blood Tests

Comprehensive Medical Examinations for all ages


Ear Problems

Emergency Medicine

Geriatric Care

Heartworm Prevention

Internal Medicine

Flea and Tick Products

Lameness and Orthopedic Care

Microchipping- A permanent form of identification

Nutritional Counseling


Preventative Health Care

Reproductive Care

Skin Disorders


Wellness Care

Weight Control Consultations


I appreciate the trust that you place in my ability to care for your pet.



Kimberly A. Hambrick, D.V.M.

Old Stone Fort Mobile Veterinary Services
Phone: 931-954-0487
Serving southern Middle Tennessee

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