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Reprinted with kind permission from The Tennessean, A Gannett Newspaper, Nashville, Tennessee

From The Tennessean, October 26, 2011:

Microchip brings lost TN dog home from Michigan

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. — A Jack Russell terrier lost since July is on his way home to Tennessee, thanks to a chip implant and a volunteer from the Michigan Humane Society.

Four-year-old Petey was discovered wandering in a backyard in Rochester Hills, according to the humane society.

His 73-year-old owner, Jim Arrighi, has been searching for him since the dog wandered away from his yard July 28 in Erin, Tenn., Arrighi's stepdaughter, Tyanne Morrison, 54, said today.

"He’s tickled to death," Morrison said about her stepfather, who lives nearby in a county west of Nashville with a population of 7,000 people. "We’ve hunted and hunted everywhere. He’s had pictures put in the paper. We put posters up everywhere. We rode around on four wheelers in the area, so we knew he wasn’t hit by a car."

Arrighi's wife of 37 years, Juanita, 77, died Oct. 12, so he believes she helped Petey return home, Morrison said.

"That’s what he thinks -- he truly thinks that," Morrison said. "A lot of people think that. They think she was looking over him."

Nancy Greiser, a humane society foster parent and volunteer since 2009, is expected to leave today to drive Petey back home.

Petey's family thinks he could have been stolen outside a nearby restaurant by a passerby.

No one truly knows how Petey made the nearly 600 mile trek from Erin to Rochester Hills. But when Petey was brought to the humane society’s Rochester Hills Center for Animal Care, workers there identified him when they scanned him and discovered he was implanted with a $70 microchip.

"This story put a smile on the faces of our entire adoption center team," Marcelena Mace, shelter manager at the MHS Rochester Hills Center for Animal Care, said in a press release "It's wonderful when we see microchip reunions, including those that seem like miracles. It really proves that no matter how far your pet may travel, a microchip can help him find his way home!"

Petey’s expected to get quite a reception at Arrighi's home at about 10 a.m. Thursday, Morrison said. Petey's been on the news as far away as Nashville, so his reunion is expected to be the talk of the town on Thursday.

"We were going to meet them in Cincinnati, but they offered to bring him all the way," Morrison said. "It’s just really nice of them."



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