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I hope you will visit my Facebook page. The URL to the page is http://www.facebook.com/Oldstonefortmobilevetservices . You can also reach it at this Link and by going to Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ and searching for "Old Stone Fort Mobile Veterinary Services".  You can also reach my Facebook page by clicking on the Facebook button below. You will have to register or log-in with Facebook to read all of my Facebook page, but that will take only a few seconds to do.

I update my Facebook page weekly to include the latest news about what I am doing including the local rabies clinics that I conduct regularly during the warm weather months. I also include daily the up-to-the-minute veterinary news for the public. This news is called AVMA Smart Briefs, and it is supplied to my Facebook page by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). I also carry this news on the Medical News page here on my website.


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Kimberly A. Hambrick, D.V.M.

Old Stone Fort Mobile Veterinary Services
Phone: 931-954-0487
Serving southern Middle Tennessee

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