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Our Children's Page 

I always enjoying talking with the children whose pets are my patients. So, I have included this Children's Page, which contains information for children and young adults.... 

All of the brochures on this webpage require Adobe Reader software to be in your computer before you can open and read them.  You can download and install Adobe Reader by visiting Adobe Website or by clicking on the Adobe image below.

I hope you enjoy reading these informative brochures. For similar, informative information, visit my Information, Medical News, and Weather & Pollen Count webpages.



For Children: 

Career Coloring Book:

Written in English with Spanish subtitles, our bilingual coloring/activity book provides young children with activities that teach them about animals and how veterinarians keep animals healthy.

Career Coloring Book 2012.pdf Career Coloring Book 2012.pdf
Size : 2810.383 Kb
Type : pdf

 Veterinarian Comic Book:

A Career as a Veterinarian

Billy’s got a report to do, and readers follow Billy as he learns about the many opportunities available in veterinary medicine.



For Young Adults--Career Brochures:


Protecting the health of animals and people Veterinarians address the health needs of every species of animal and play a critical role in environmental protection, food safety, animal welfare and public health. (The brochures below are available in English and Spanish.)

Veterinarians _Eng.pdf Veterinarians _Eng.pdf
Size : 627.401 Kb
Type : pdf
Veterinarians_sp.pdf Veterinarians_sp.pdf
Size : 1623.238 Kb
Type : pdf

Veterinary Technicians...

Partnering in animal health

The veterinary technician is an integral member of the veterinary health care team. Veterinary technicians have been educated in the care and handling of animals, the basic principles of normal and abnormal life processes. (The brochures below are available in English and Spanish.)

Veterinary Technicians - English 2010.pdf Veterinary Technicians - English 2010.pdf
Size : 558.563 Kb
Type : pdf
technology_brochure_spanish.pdf technology_brochure_spanish.pdf
Size : 590.146 Kb
Type : pdf

Your veterinary health care team... 

Supporting the work of veterinarians

Every veterinary hospital staff consists of a team of caring individuals, each contributing unique abilities to ensure high quality veterinary care for animals and compassionate interactions with animal owners.

Veterinary Healthcare Team - English 2010.pdf Veterinary Healthcare Team - English 2010.pdf
Size : 565.249 Kb
Type : pdf
Veterinary_Health_Care_Team_Spanish.pdf Veterinary_Health_Care_Team_Spanish.pdf
Size : 598.003 Kb
Type : pdf


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