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I grew up in a farming community in Franklin County, Tennessee near Winchester. So, I love nature and the natural areas of my native Tennessee. Thus when I went to name my mobile practice, it just seemed natural for me to name it after the state park and natural area that is closest to my home, the Old Stone Fort in Manchester and Coffee County, Tennessee.

Historians differ as to the origins of the Old Stone Fort, which is the most famous archeological site in Coffee County. Many archaeologists are of the opinion that it was built by Native Americans over  a period of three or four hundred years in the first centuries of the Christian Era. They believe the builders were a group that was either related to the Ohio Hopewell or influenced by the Ohio Hopewell Native American culture. 

The Old Stone Fort is a rock and earth enclosure encompassing about 50 acres. Historians also differ as to what the Old Stone Fort was used for. Some say it was used as a ceremonial function while others believed it might have served as a link in the vast trade network of the Woodland Indians of the time. **

In any case, Old Stone Fort is now a beautiful Tennessee State Archeological Park where families enjoy picnics, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. 

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For more historical background of the Old Stone Fort, please contact one of our local libraries in Coffee County: 

The Coffee County/Manchester Public Library in Manchester, Tennessee

The Coffee County Lannom Library in Tullahoma, Tennessee

 ** Reference: "Coffee County From Arrowheads to Rockets, A History of Coffee County Compiled by the Coffee County Conservation Board," Coffee County Conservation Board, P.O. Box 574, Tullahoma, Tennessee 37388, December 1969.


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